Android Galaxy S8 Spotify app loses connection with Google Chromecast Audio

A few months ago, I bought a Google Chromecast audio, to play Spotify music through my Sony HiFi set. I used to connect my iPad with mini-jack to the HiFi set and control the tracks with my Android Samsung Galaxy S4 through Spotify Connect. Two issues ruined the experience though: first, you can control the tracks, but NOT the volume. So if a favorite song comes along, you need the remote control of the HiFi to change the volume. Not quite handy to have two separate controls for one music experience. Second: when you skip more than one track at once, the playback stops miraculously. I tried all ‘Googled’ solutions, nothing worked, so I lived with the fact to skip only one track and sit out the next one.

To solve these issues, I bought the Google Chromecast audio. And It DID solve the issues above: you can control the volume through the Chromecast and skipping multiple tracks at once didn’t pose a problem anymore. NICE!

Then, I renewed my four year old S4 by the new ‘flagship’ Galaxy S8. The two issues above reoccurred and I got a third one on top: after a song or two, the connection between the Android Spotify App and the Chromecast audio was lost. The selected playlist kept playing on, because the Chromsecast is a streaming device on itself, but I couldn’t control tracks, change them, change volume or even see what song was playing on my android device.

The Spotify user forum suggested to ask Spotify support for a new account. Some other users experienced similar issued and a new account solved their problems. I had my doubts, because the combination Android App – Chromecast audio worked just fine on my S4. So for me, an account couldn’t be the cause.

Solution: battery saving options. The new android version (Android 7.0) has some interesting battery saving options. Great, but the battery saving mode puts the Spotify app to ‘sleep’, because you’re not actually interacting with the app. Consequently, Android puts Spotify to sleep mode and the connections gets lost. The solution is disabling power saving for the Spotify App. In battery usage (device maintenance > battery > battery usage > 3 dots > optimized apps ) choose All apps then turn off toggle for Spotify.


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